Stichting NAF

What does 'Stichting NAF' do?
‘Stichting NAF’
• supports the organisation of the Dutch annual national acrobatics festival with finance, knowledge and experience
• supports acrobatic initiatives (special workshops, master classes)
• manages the scripts for organising festivals
• keeps an address database of acrobats
• is setting up a database of European artists
• is developing an acrobatics archive of written material and illustrations
• is the contact point for education and developments in partner acrobatics in the Netherlands
• distributes information about a whole range of acrobatics matters, such as education and training, courses, shows and festivals
• maintains contact with youth circus organisations and the two Dutch professional education circus courses.
What does ‘Stichting NAF’ want?
The successful Dutch acrobatics festival would greatly benefit from structured funding. Every year the organising teams take financial risks and have to balance quality and feasibility. It is hard to acquire long-term subsidies and/or sponsoring. That’s why ‘Stichting NAF’ tries to build a financial buffer zone, to make some breathing room for these organising teams.

In the Netherlands there are many acrobatics group lessons offering a variety of levels for children, teenagers and adults. During the past decade, youth circuses have shot up like mushrooms.
At the moment there are two professional circus educations in the Netherlands, Codarts Circus in Rotterdam and ACaPA (Fontys Academy for Circus and Performance Art) in Tilburg.
We want to stimulate mutual contact, co-operation and progression between the:
• amateur and professional acrobatics world
• youth circuses, adult education and circus schools

Partner acrobatics is not a well known activity. It is accessible: nearly everyone can practise acrobatics. It is a unique combination of physical effort, movement, co-operation and presentation, where competition plays no role.
‘Stichting’ NAF’ aims to make acrobatics more well-known.

Executive committee and formal information
‘Stichting NAF’ (National Acrobatic Federation) has an executive committee which is made up of representatives from across the Netherlands.

Chair: Roos de Groen, Amsterdam
Treasurer: Yvonne Lagerwey, Arnhem
Secretary: Marco van Zanten, Amsterdam
Members: Jeanette Brandsma, Groningen
Carolien Paters, Utrecht
Folkert van Rijswijk, Delft/Rotterdam
Vincent Vos, Amersfoort
Jochen Bilderbeek, Rotterdam
Address: Stichting NAF
Jacobus Willemspad 8
1034 VX Amsterdam
Tel: 06 144 823 40
Bank no: NL26 INGB 0005 1325 01
CoC: 41210481