Mail group

The acrobat mail group is probably the fastest way to share news about acrobatics; you only have to send your email to one email address and it will automatically be forwarded to all members of the group!

overview of useful email addresses (explanation under the table) thé email address for emails to all group members subscribe for the group, with Google account unsubscribe from the group, with Google account (un)subscribe for the group, without Google account

Send email to the mail group
The mail group uses Google Groups, the discussion platform of Google.

To send a message to all group members, send your mail to

There are just two conditions:
• you need to be a member to send emails to the group (using the email address of your membership), and
• your mail has to concern acrobatics (or adjacent subjects).

For example: you can inform others about an upcoming convention or workshop, carpool possibilities, a new training group or a show that’s worth seeing.

Am I already a member?
If you have a Google account that’s quite easy to find out: at you see an overview of your Google groups. If you don’t have a Google account, you can always ask the list administrator per mail to look you up (see below).

Subscribe with a Google account
As said, you need to be a member of the group to send messages to the group. That avoids a lot of spam.
If you already have a Google account, or you don’t mind making one, you can join the group by sending an empty email to You will receive an email from Google with further instructions. You don’t need to have a Gmail address to make a Google Account, you can make such an account with every email address.
On you can manage your membership in the group, and unsubscribe if you want to.
You can also unsubscribe by sending an empty email to

Subscribe without Google account
Not everybody wants a Google account, we understand that.
By sending an email to the list administrator, you will be added or deleted from the list by hand. Send this email to State in your email if you want to join or withdraw.